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Planning Boards

Visualising deadlines and chronological orders

Planning boards visualise jobs displaying their duration, deadlines, chronological order, capacity requirements or their structure. This enables you to recognise the actual status of job, capacity utilisation, delays, responsibilities or availability of staff or machinery  etc., in time in order to be able to react quickly as needed.
Which type of planning board is best for which task, is highly depending on the type of job and the preferred way of display, e.g. scheduling by lines or by columns.

Considerations for scheduling with "line planning"

  1. Time scaling (hours, days, weeks, months)?
  2. Smallest time unit?
  3. Type of scale and board witdh (according to answers on Q 1. and 2.)
  4. Length of  period for appropriate display?
  5. Number of lines requried (number of workstations, machines, staff members, projects, plus spare lines for supplements, modifications, legend/key) 
  6. Types of markers (strips, cards, signals, magnets)?
  7. Type of  board.

Considerations for scheduling with "planning by columns"

  1. Number of colums?
  2. Width of column (labeling)?
  3. Board witdh
  4. Number of lines requried (maximum number of names, orders etc.)
  5. Types of markers?
  6. Type of  board.

Set-up for a planning board

Horizontally by the required number of columns and the required column width or time frame considering the size of one time unit. Vertically by the required or desired number of work stations, machinery, staff members, projects or tasks plus spare lines.

Which type of board should one choose?

We ask you back: which type of markers do you prefer or require? Do you want to work on a  proceeding time range (axis)? What size shall your smallest time unit be? Do you want to remove the boards upon completion of the jobs/work processing or shall the board remain static? Do you want to have an overview by columns?

Why planning boards in the age of multimedia?

Electronic data processing (EDP) is processing routine work based on preset algorithms with lightening speed and reliably, however feature of highlighting essential parts on a "wall news-sheet" always visible, bold and simple, clearly interpretable to everybody yet in "high resolution" makes the board unsurpassable. And its handling is just as simple as quick.