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WEIGANG - the specialist for organisational solutions

Improvement of organisational processes...

Our goal has always been to support our customers in increasing productivity by improving their operational and organisational processes.

We offer an utmost large range of products for organisation and visualisation of goals, results and processes: complicated subjects become simple, complex and confusing issues perfectly clear and coherences become comprehensible.
Visualisation is a prime tool to master current and future challenges with your well-informed and thereby creative and motivated employees.

Organisational solutions „brain-compatible“ and easy understandable…

Since humans are receiving the majority of information through their eyes, an organisational, bold and simple eye-catching solution which can be made feasible for example via planning or information boards, can be very effective. By using the visual presentation of procedures, relations or summaries are easier recognizable and identifiable.

EDP versus traditional organisational tools…

The electronic data processing (EDP) has its advantage in the processing of large volumes of data, in the speedy exchange of data and in the computation of planning, e.g., for a weekly scheduling by capacities and deadlines. The short-range control, the actual conversion or implementation of the EDP-supported planning must be performed by man, who achieves the necessary clarity by the visual display of the processes using organisational tools.